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Antara Adhikary

” Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirodha” refers to restraining the Mind-stuff (consiousness) from taking various forms(Vritti) in order to achieve the ultimate goal-Self Realisation.

Yoga helps to connect the mind, body & Soul. Yoga is to attain the Spiritual perfection through the control of body, senses and mind. Ultimately making the connection between Individual self & Supreme Self.

Introduction :- Named Antara from Paschim Medinipur, West Bengal. Completed Level-1 Yoga protocol Instructor, Level-2 Yoga Wellness Instructor, Level-3 Yoga Teacher &Evaluator. Practicing near about 3 years of yoga help me a lot. Nurturing Yoga in Mind- Body coordination way help one to achieve the ultimate reality – salvation. Whatever you think can achieve by your certainity. Every thought make Sakalpa, by your pure thought and good wishing for everyone make you different. Be pure and be Yogi. Yoga is a spiritual life style which is practiced in every movement and every work. Radiate your love,peace, purity,power to everywhere that you received from supreme one.Loved all and beloved. So,dear learner always enjoy & experience in the learning process and keep practicing in a rigorous way.



Yoga & Happiness is an institute for Yoga Aspirant who wish to build true knowledge and its understanding. Professional Certification By YCB, Ministry of AYUSH(Govt. of India)

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