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Yoga TTC Course

Be The Best With Yoga TTC Courses in India

Are you interested in teaching yoga? You are going to need a solid grounding in yoga before you become skilled enough to teach others. With our yoga TTC courses in India, you will be able to further your skills and open yourself up to profound inner transformation by deepening your spiritual connection.

Our Yoga TTC courses in India include a lot of different courses with different levels. Our courses are of standard hours and certified by yoga professionals. You will be able to interact with your teachers and immerse yourself in the lifestyle. Qualities like self-discipline, confidence, patience, and compassion will be enhanced during these Yoga TTC courses in India. Here, we have listed all the yoga TTC courses taught by our yoga teachers.


Beginner Yoga Teachers Training Course

With the course, you will become a certified level-1 yoga protocol instructor and foundation course in yoga. The duration of this course is mostly 1 month where you will have classes not more than 200 hours. There are different timings for the theoretical classes and practical classes. Click See More

Intermediate Yoga Teachers Training Course

Once you are certified with this course, you will become a yoga professional who will be eligible to teach yoga for the prevention of illness and promotion of wellness in schools, yoga studios, workplaces and primary health care centres. While the course duration of the certification is three months, there is no age limit to enroll in this course.

Advanced Yoga Teachers Training Course

The name of the certification of this course is Yoga Teacher and Evaluator and Advanced Certificate in Yoga. It is recommended that you enroll in this course after you have completed the previous two courses. The duration of this Yoga TTC course is 7 months. If you wish to learn it you will probably require a maximum of 15 months to complete the course. Most of our classes are held online for this advanced yoga TTC course.

YCB Level 1 -Yoga Protocol Instructor 

With the YCB level 1 certification course, you will become a yoga protocol instructor. The certification will be issued by the Ministry of AYUSH for the International Day of Yoga. The yoga protocols developed by the ministry are for the prevention of diseases and the promotion of yoga. You will be able to complete this course within 1-3 months. We emphasize health and wellness through yoga with our structured learning in the course.

YCB Level 2 -Yoga Wellness Instructor 

With the yoga wellness instructor certification course, you will be able to explore more deeply into yoga philosophy and anatomy. There is a holistic approach followed throughout this Yoga TTC course. You will also get insights into using yoga practices for specific health conditions.

YCB Level 3 -Yoga Teacher & Evaluator 

In this course, you will be introduced to advanced asanas, pranayama techniques and meditation practices to enhance your level of teaching. After this Yoga TTC course is completed within 9-15 months, you will become a certified yoga teacher and evaluator. You will be more knowledgeable regarding the way you teach your students. 

YCB Level 4 -Yoga Master

Finally, this course is for those who wish to become a yoga master. You will not only become a practitioner and master in yoga but also have the confidence and the authority to teach yoga to anyone you want. Personally and professionally, your life will be enhanced, once you come on board with Yoga and Happiness. 

Advanced Yoga Therapist Course

You can enroll in this course only after you have completed any of the given above Yoga TTC courses. After this course, you will be certified to work alongside with any physician or yoga consultant for professional yoga therapy.


Yoga Volunteer (Foundation Course)

Lastly, this is the most basic course by which you will be able to know the basics of yoga. This Yoga TTC course in India does not have any eligibility criteria and can be completed within 3 weeks.


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If you wish to enhance your lifestyle and pass on that knowledge to other people, contact us today to get yourself enrolled in Yoga TTC courses in India. We are open for admission every month when we start a new batch.

Yoga & Happiness is an institute for Yoga Aspirant who wish to build true knowledge and its understanding. Professional Certification By YCB, Ministry of AYUSH(Govt. of India) and Indian Yoga Association (IYA)

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