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Popular Myths about Enrolling in a Yoga Teacher Training in India

18 Oct 2022

You’re worried about whether your asana practice was consistent enough to prepare you for the Yoga Teacher Training in India. If you’ll be the only one who can’t get into a certain pose before starting your yoga teacher training. Yet, as the days go by and our practice increases, you’ll come to understand that all your worries are benign.

You may have some of the following misconceptions about Yoga Teacher Training in India.

Myth 1: Your Body has to be very fit and flexible.

Both of these statements are untrue. Asana (posture), which is essential to yoga, is the most fundamental form of the discipline, but meditation is the most sophisticated. Your limitations in some asanas don’t matter as long as you want to learn, explore, and advance in your practice. Everybody is unique, and this is valued in your training.

Myth 2: You must be thin and have six-pack abs.

Not at all. People from all walks of life enroll in yoga teacher training, and all bodies are beautiful. Yoga teacher training does not need a specific size or appearance, and people of all shapes and sizes are becoming teachers. This is actually very crucial because you should practice teaching a variety of bodies to become accustomed to making a variety of adjustments and variations.

Myth 3: Everybody will be vegan.

Everyone practices Yoga for a variety of reasons, and different people practice ahimsa (non-violence) at different levels. During your training, you may be served vegetarian, meat-loving, or pescatarian food. Everyone respects each other’s differences in lifestyles and acknowledges them. If you eat meat, nobody will be angry with you! But we would tell you to adopt a vegetarian diet and live a yogi lifestyle during your YTT to see how you feel.

Myth 4: Young and female people make up the majority

It’s common knowledge that yoga instructors are young women in their 20s thanks to Instagram and other social media. During your training, you will notice that both men and women come to yoga at different stages of their lives and that there is a wide range of ages!

If you were putting off starting your Yoga Teacher Training because of these worries, know that you’re not the only one. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via email if you have any extra questions that aren’t covered here, though. We would be delighted to assist you in starting your Yoga Teacher Training journey!

Today, yoga has established itself in some industries, including management, research, healthcare, academia, administration, and consulting.

What are you looking forward to? Start living a healthy, happy, and prosperous life by obtaining your yoga instructor certification.

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