YCB Level 1 -Yoga Protocol Instructor (Yoga Certification Course)

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1. Name of the certification: Yoga Protocol Instructor
2. Requirement/ Eligibility:
a. For open candidates there is no eligibility criteria
b. For admission in the course it is suggested/ desired that the candidate should have passed 10th standard / secondary school certificate from a recognized board or equivalent. However, the Yoga Institutions can define their own eligibility
3. Brief Role Description: Certified Yoga Professionals (Yoga Protocol Instructor) can teach basics of Yoga / common Yoga protocol developed by the Ministry of AYUSH for International Day of Yoga for prevention of diseases and promotion of health. They can conduct Yoga practice /classes in parks, societies, RWA etc.
4. Minimum age: No age limit
5. Personal Attributes: The job requires individual to have good communication skills, time management skills and ability to understand the body language of the trainees. The job requires individual to possess key qualities such as self discipline, confidence, maturity, patience, compassion, active listening, time management, empathetic, language proficiency.
6. Credit points for certificate: 12 credits
7. Duration of course: Not less than 200 hours or not less than 3 month as part time or not less than 1 month as full time course.
8. Mark Distribution:
Total Marks: 200 (Theory: 60 + Practical: 140)

Level 1 Yoga Protocol Instructor

Duration: One Month

Theory: Every Weeks

Practical: 7 AM to 8 AM & 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM (Monday to Friday)
Admission is going on to know the timings Call: 9883061986

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Unlock Your Potential: YCB Level 1 Yoga Protocol Instructor Certification with ‘Yoga & Happiness’

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey into the world of yoga? ‘Yoga & Happiness,’ recognized as the Best Yoga Teachers Training Institute, invites you to join our YCB Level 1 Yoga Protocol Instructor certification. Whether you prefer the flexibility of online learning or the immersive experience of on-campus classes in Kolkata, we offer the best of both worlds.

Why Choose ‘Yoga & Happiness’?

1. Trusted Yoga Institute: ‘Yoga & Happiness’ stands as a beacon of excellence in yoga education. Our commitment to providing high-quality training has earned us a reputation as the Best Yoga Teachers Training Institute.

2. YCB Level 1 Certification: Our YCB Level 1 Yoga Protocol Instructor certification is your passport to becoming a certified yoga professional. Dive into the foundational aspects of yoga, guided by experienced instructors who are dedicated to your growth.

3. Flexible Learning Options: Whether you’re seeking the convenience of online learning or the enriching experience of on-campus classes in Kolkata, ‘Yoga & Happiness’ tailors its offerings to suit your preferences and schedule.

4. Comprehensive Curriculum: The YCB Level 1 certification covers a minimum of 200 hours of comprehensive training. Delve into theoretical principles and gain hands-on practical experience that forms the bedrock of your journey into the world of yoga instruction.

5. Experienced Instructors: Learn from seasoned instructors who bring a wealth of knowledge and a passion for yoga to every session. Our instructors are committed to fostering your growth as a certified Yoga Protocol Instructor.

6. Holistic Approach to Yoga: ‘Yoga & Happiness’ believes in a holistic approach to yoga. Our training goes beyond the physical postures, emphasizing the spiritual, mental, and emotional dimensions of this ancient practice.

7. Convenient Timings: We understand the importance of flexibility in your schedule. Choose from convenient timings for online classes, allowing you to learn at your own pace and convenience.

How to Join: Ready to embark on your yoga journey with ‘Yoga & Happiness’? Joining is simple! Visit our website to explore the YCB Level 1 Yoga Protocol Instructor certification. Enroll online for virtual classes or visit our on-campus facility in Kolkata to kickstart your transformative journey.

Invest in Your Well-being: ‘Yoga & Happiness’ believes in the transformative power of yoga to bring happiness and well-being into your life. Join us on this enriching journey, and unlock your potential as a certified Yoga Protocol Instructor.

Connect with Us: For inquiries and enrollment details, reach out to us at 9883061986




Enrolling in the Yoga Certification Board (YCB) courses offered by the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India, in collaboration with the esteemed yoga institute ‘Yoga & Happiness’ can provide numerous benefits for individuals interested in deepening their yoga knowledge and becoming certified instructors. Here are the potential advantages of these online courses at different levels:


YCB Level-1 Yoga Protocol Instructor:

Foundational Understanding: Level-1 courses offer a foundational understanding of yoga principles, practices, and protocols, making them ideal for beginners and those looking to build a strong base.

Structured Learning: You’ll receive a structured curriculum that covers essential yoga practices, enabling you to learn systematically and progressively.

Health and Wellness Emphasis: This course might equip you with the skills to guide individuals in maintaining their well-being through yoga, aligning with modern health trends.

Recognized Certification: Completion of a certified course from a renowned institution like YCB in collaboration with ‘Yoga & Happiness’ can enhance your credibility and recognition as a certified yoga instructor.


YCB Level-2 Yoga Wellness Instructor:

Deeper Exploration: Level-2 courses are likely to delve deeper into yoga philosophy, anatomy, and the holistic connection between yoga and overall wellness.

Holistic Approach: You’ll likely learn how to address wellness from multiple dimensions, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects.

Therapeutic Insight: This level might provide insights into using yoga practices for specific health conditions, enabling you to guide students in therapeutic contexts.

Enhanced Teaching Skills: You can expect to refine your teaching abilities, enabling you to effectively guide students toward holistic well-being.


YCB Level-3 Yoga Teacher & Evaluator:

Professional Certification: Successful completion of the Level-3 course can establish you as a certified yoga teacher, enhancing your opportunities in the teaching domain.

Advanced Practices: Level-3 courses often introduce advanced asanas, pranayama techniques, and meditation practices, further enhancing your expertise.

Teaching Excellence: Acquiring skills to evaluate other yoga teachers’ practices contributes to maintaining high teaching standards and fostering growth in the yoga community.


YCB Level-4 Yoga Master:

Peak Mastery: The Level-4 course positions you as an advanced practitioner and master in the field of yoga, capable of guiding others with authority.

Leadership Development: You’ll likely develop leadership skills to guide practitioners and fellow teachers, expanding the reach of yoga’s benefits.

Holistic Wisdom: The Level-4 program might emphasize the integration of yoga, happiness, and holistic life wisdom, enhancing your personal and professional life.

Esteemed Institute Association: Being affiliated with an esteemed institution like ‘Yoga & Happiness’ adds prestige to your certification.


These courses, in collaboration with the Ministry of AYUSH and ‘Yoga & Happiness,’ offer a comprehensive and well-rounded approach to yoga education, aligning with national standards and contemporary wellness trends. However, before enrolling, ensure that the course offerings match your goals, schedule, and expectations. Conduct thorough research to choose the level that best suits your aspirations as a certified yoga instructor.


9 reviews for YCB Level 1 -Yoga Protocol Instructor (Yoga Certification Course)

  1. Trisha Sadhak

    I proudly completed my 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course with YOGA & HAPPINESS. It has been an incredible experience, very useful and systematic approach was adopted during the whole course. I have never been learned yoga with so much in depth approach and pure form, this course made my all doubts clear and most important all the myths about yoga has been burst. Yoga teacher Sisir sir is very supportive and understanding , they have a wonderful team of trainers who are patient enough to clarify your queries. I am very thankful to Yoga & Happiness , “One of the best places in Kolkata to pursue Yoga Professional courses ” It’s a 10/10 Yoga School.

  2. Puja Deb

    If you want to become a good Yoga teacher want to spread fitness happiness and calmness Yoga & Happiness is the best institution. I feel blessed to have Sisir sir as my mentor. He is so calm nd composed. Always treat students with lots of patience. If you want to become a good Yoga instructor go for it.

  3. Garima Srivastava

    I have completed my level 1 course from Yoga & Happiness, under the guidance of Shishir Sir. My experience with Yoga & Happiness is amazing. Shishir Sir made the whole process much easier and interesting. I really enjoyed learning with Yoga & Happiness. Best place to learn and find peace.

  4. Abeda Khasamwala

    I had joined this institution YOGA AND HAPPINESS after doing a lot of market research literally had gone to a lot of places in and around Kolkata to learn yoga and get certified to teach others before settling down on this
    After joining this institution there was no looking back I realized I was in the best place and yoga is the best thing that one can indulge in
    I had taken it up just as a hobby but now I’m keen to know about it deeply and how it can change ones life
    About Mr Sisir Biswas the head or Acharya of this institution is the best guide under whom one can train
    His knowledge on the subject is par excellence
    A highly recommended place in the heart of the city , very good ambience and not to forget the friendly instructors.

  5. Paramita Banerjee

    Yoga and Happiness has been the source through which I have certified as a yoga trainer. Their teachings are extremely focused, subject oriented and well planned. Sisir Sir and other teachers were very cooperative. It was very pleasant experience to learn from them. All my best wishes and support for your future works….

  6. Hena Gayen

    It has been a wonderful yoga learning journey for me , I enjoyed the course so much. Special thanks to sisir sir he is truly a gifted , intuitive healer and teacher.

  7. Lagna Ray

    Yoga and Happiness is a awesome platform to gain conceptual knowledge about the Yoga and it’s application for healthy living. Really appreciate the way Sisir sir has provided the training . I had a great experience with Sir and have successfully completed my leve 1 training along with certification.

  8. Tulumoni Borgohain

    I have been practising yoga for many years. Finally, I thought of becoming a yoga teacher. Thats why i enrolled in level 1 yoga course. Sisir sir taught us in a very organised and systematic way. I think It is a good platform for those who want to become a yoga professional.

  9. Nidhi Jain

    I did my yoga certification course with Sisir Biswas Sir. He is an excellent teacher with vast knowledge and experience. I would like to thank him explaining the concepts of yoga so beautifully. Gratitude

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